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Privacy Policy and Treatment of Personal Data

MMConnect collects, on a regular basis, certain personal data of its customers, partners and suppliers, with three examples of these personal data being the name, address and contact details of the same. As a company, our position and commitment is to protect any personal information that you share with us, respecting in this way the rules directed in the General Regulation of Data Protection. Thus, the following Personal Data Privacy Statement helps you understand how we collect, use and protect your personal information when you use our products or visit our web sites. You may additionally obtain any information about this Privacy Statement and treatment of Personal Data, simply by sending your questions to:


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Privacy Statement and Treatment of Personal Data

MMConnect intends to safeguard the privacy of its customers, partners and suppliers in the use of its products and services, as well as in the use of its web sites. On most MMConnect sites users can browse without the need for personal information. However, if you want to subscribe to our Newsletter, make applications or requests for information, it is necessary to register some personal information. In this way, this Privacy Statement of Personal Data aims to clarify how the collection, treatment and protection of personal data is when you visit our website and / or enjoy MMConnect software and products.

What is Personal Information

For the purposes of this law, personal data shall mean "any information of any nature whatsoever and independently of its support, including sound and image, relating to an identified or identifiable natural person" ("<<data subject>>"). In this way, any person who can be identifiable through one or more specific elements of his or her identity is considered to be an identifiable person.

The person responsible for the processing of personal data is MMConnect.

Who is responsible for data processing

Data collection

MMConnect respects the right to privacy of all its customers and partners and does not collect any kind of information without its prior knowledge and authorization. Usually the personal data collected by MMConnect refers to the name, address, telephone number, e-mail and NIF, but other personal data necessary for the supply of products or services may be collected. Some of the personal data that are requested to the user are mandatory. MMConnect promptly informs all users of the personal data required to enable the company to provide the requested information or services. Further, we inform you that the incorrect provision of data is the sole responsibility of the customer / partner.

When Personal Data is collected and used

The personal data obtained from the Client, as a general rule, arise from the request for information of the MMConnect products and services or the subscription of the Newsletters. In this way, MMConnect respects your right to privacy and does not collect any personal information from you without your prior consent.

Confidentiality, Security and Data Retention

The data collected by MMConnect is stored on your system and is handled by the company in a secure and confidential manner. The company has technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, destruction or loss of data collected. The treatment and access of the data is restricted to MMConnect employees / employees who perform professional tasks that by their nature imply the intervention and / or management of the company's relationship with the Data Owner. The personal data will be retained by MMConnect during the required time of use and the respective holders of the data or the subsidence of the purpose for which the data was collected. Once the periods have expired, the data shall be destroyed within an appropriate period of time.

What is the purpose of collecting personal data

The personal data of our Clients are destined to: the rendering and billing of services; providing information on MMConnect products and services; to the evaluation of the contractual relation with the client and to actions of marketing or telemarketing. Your personal data will also be processed to answer your questions, suggestions and complaints. We stress once again that your data is protected and not available to third parties without your prior authorization.

Data Provider

Without prejudice to its confidentiality and appropriate treatment, the holder authorizes MMConnect to transfer its data - those strictly necessary - to companies that work with it and provide credit analysis and risk analysis services or the contracting of credit or services associated with the insurance business in general. MMConnect will not commercialize any collected data with third parties.

Direitos do Titular dos Dados

The data holder provided to MMConnect has the right to request information about them, and may request its correction, blocking or partial or total elimination, without prejudice to other rights provided for in the Data Protection Regulation. The holder has the right to request that his personal data not be used for the purpose of promotional or marketing communications and should communicate such will to MMConnect.


The data subject authorizes MMConnect to collect, process and use your personal data under the terms and for all purposes described in this form. The MMConnect authorization can be withdrawn at any time.

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