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MMConnect is born with more than 20 years of experience in information technology, in the area of ​​time and people management. Our main goal is the development of integrated solutions and their connectivity.

Cloud assiduity solution

TimeConnect Cloud allows you to control all your presence sheets, scheduling and reporting from anywhere, whenever you need it. The power, scalability and flexibility of TimeConnect Cloud make it the ideal solution for any business. Access the TimeConnect Cloud using any browser, TimeConnect App, or the terminals. All readily accessible online. No need to install any software or buy servers. You do not have to pay for an upgrade, your TimeConnect Cloud is always up-to-date. A flexible and cost-effective solution for all your Asset Management needs, whether you have ten employees or ten thousand.

Complete attendance management solution

Power, scalability and flexibility make TimeConnect the most competitive and versatile attendance record solution for any business.

Logo sem letra.png
Logo sem letra.png

The complete solution that evolves with you

Connect multiple terminals in different locations or in a single office. The TimeConnect solution allows you to communicate with all the equipment available in the most diverse Locations. For total flexibility, use our iOS and Android Mobile App in combination with the TimeConnect Cloud.


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