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MMConnect's TimeVisitor Software allows you to streamline the visitor registration process and provide a secure and intuitive professional process in your institution. Improves security by allowing detailed visitor organizations and being able to distinguish different categories of visitors. The solution features a set of analytics / reporting features for visitor data in multiple locations. It allows to interconnect with the access control software (Time Access), with validation in access control terminals, turnstiles, barriers for car parks. Affordable, easy to use and simple to install. Opt for TimeVisitor.




Parking lot -  The visit management solution allows entry to the site to be registered by car or on foot. To pass through the tourniquet you need a card that will be dispensed by the card dispenser, or delivered by the Concierge. Regarding the barrier if you have a chip that will be placed on the car glass the barrier is opened automatically, or through Enrollment authentication.


Kiosk -  The start of the visit can also be done by a kiosk, which allows the introduction of visitor data, dispensing an Rfid card for access to the facilities, through passage in turnstiles or access terminals. We can request that the visitor read a rights agreement and sign the same, and then the system (Kiosk) will exempt the Rfid access card. To end the visit is also through the software, the validation of the output may have a security system or not, for example: It is possible through the BioFace terminal, by face recognition or biometric validate the end of the visit, the person in charge checks the Visitor so that it may have the possibility of giving the output in the system, existing validation.


Meeting rooms -  The room management system will solve some flaws in productivity and organization of work meetings. Through this system, you can book or cancel meetings directly on the digital screens that may be installed in different places of the company. This easy-to-use application allows companies to make meeting room reservations in just a few minutes. The system will prevent a room from being scheduled twice at the same time. An intuitive management system and room reservations that can optimize the management of meeting rooms. It also has access to room statistics such as the time it was used, when, etc ...